UUM's student that participate Facial Treatment Course at IKBN Peretak for the Program Belia Mahir 1 MalaysiaThe picture show some of UUM’s student that participate the Program Belia Mahir 1 Malaysia. This program was held at IKBN Peretak for 2 days. There were 4 course(Workshop) that being offered that is Facial Treatment, Photography (Lighting), Bakery and Restaurant Management.

This program is a cooperation program between two parties that is Pusat kurikulum Universiti Utara Malaysia and Institusi Kemahiran Belia Negara Peretak.

I am so grateful to have the opportunity on participating this program. For me, this program gave us many experience and skills that will give us benefit in the future especially for the students.

In this program, we are allowed to join 1 program only. I joined the Facial treatment workshop. There is a lot of things that i learn from this program. I learn on how to take care of our skin especially our face, facial treatment using machine and simple make-up. There are some pictures while we there.



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